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Happy Halloween from Annie and Kaylie :)

Happy Halloween from Annie and Kaylie :)



Ok so I am a terrible blogger. I promise my audience (of millions!) a regular segment that features best friends. And then I only post two. Whoops? Forgive me internet!

I will restart this feature today.

Today’s duo is none other than Alison Brie and Danny Pudi. These two kids star on one of…

Happy Birthday to me… Spoken from the mouth of a true forever alone :P

Happy Birthday to me… Spoken from the mouth of a true forever alone :P

Why the lack of support?

So this is my rant of the evening. I think it is wonderful to have sports teams, they help keep students active, it is a fun way to get students involved and it gets everyone pumped. That’s awesome! But after a while I grow tired of the sports teams taking over our school. In our school students who are involved in the arts are the same students who end up advertising games, working concession, taking pictures and publicizing them and who make the highlight videos. These people are putting heart and soul to help support and let others support your passion so you would think that they would return the favor. Well not in our crummy little small town. Over the course of 2 nights we put on 2 one act plays performed by 2 different drama groups and about 93 people showed up. 5 of those came both nights. So where am I going with this? Well here it is, I think that these people who are not giving enough credit to us ‘losers’ should really stop and think about who has been supporting them and getting them where they are. If you can get 600 people at 1 high school football game but we can’t even get 100 within 2 nights of plays what is the point. I realize that some towns are more sport driven than others but if the arts go away where will you be? Losing hard workers who really want all clubs to succeed and have fun. And some of the teachers are not good examples either. The other day my friend and I heard 2 teachers talking about how lame we were and how we clearly didn’t need the amount of chairs that we had out. Maybe instead of mocking us, fill those seats, spread the word. I realize you want your gym to practice basketball for 5 and a half hours but we are going to drama festival and we need our time just as much as you do. I’m unimpressed with the lack of enthusiasm and respect for the difference of interests and the close mindedness that so many suffer from.

Sorry I just needed to rant